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About Sheila Chan

Sheila Chan is a Billesley Birmingham, England based Thai Boxing coach. After a successful career as professional Thai Boxer and former representative of the Hong Kong Karate Team, she now specializes in getting people young and old back to fitness and enjoying their life to the full. 

Accreditation: Level 1&2 Boxing, Kettlebell & TRX Cert, Karate black belt.

My training is based on a mix of Thai Boxing and Karate exercises. This will exercise every part of your body, giving you great flexibility, toning and gets you into great shape. The training caters for every level, from beginner to advanced.  I focus on technique and fitness.  I will set up a complete health and fitness program suitable for YOU. 

Family  Boxing Class - Punch and Kick combination is a good reaction training.

Kids Boxing Class - - children learn self defence skills to protect themselves and have fun.

Sheila Chan is a karate black belt and representative of the Hong Kong Karate Team, for which she had recorded 20 fights.  Karate is a martial art which is easy and fun to learn.  Besides keeping fit it also teaches you self defense.  A useful skill in daily life for women, children and men!

  • 1 ON 1 TRAINING....£30 per hour
  • SMALL GROUP SESSIONS (2 to 3 people).....£20 per person per hour
  • CLASSES .....£9 per person per hour

 - Location: Moseley, Birmingham.

 - No contract, No membership fee, No joining fee. One hour per class. 


☎ Contact Sheila on 07932-248332 for availability.